Capzanine also offers bespoke solutions for financing company development alongside existing shareholders, refinancing or shareholder restructuring.

Olivier BERTRAND, Chairman & CEO

Restauration / 2014 sales: €123m / Secondary LBO

"What appealed to us in Capzanine's approach when we were structuring our LBO with L Capital was the excellent quality of their analysis and their vision of our company, combined with their ability to stand back. That is very important. Capzanine is a partner that is always engaged in dialogue, always with a different vision, for whom human relationships matter as much as the company's philosophy, plans and vision five years out. At Board meetings, Capzanine's representatives have no hesitation in speaking up and sharing their views on the progress of Groupe Bertrand and its ambitions."

* This example does not reflect the entire portfolio and its performance.

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