Founded in 2004 by its partners, the Capzanine management company has € 2.5 bn under management.

Aside from its founders, subscribers include private investors**, company managers, French institutionals and funds of funds.

It invests in equity and/or mezzanine or unitranche/private debt financing for unlisted companies with an Entreprise Value of between €20 M and €400 M.

The current investment portfolio is representative of every sector of the economy.

Capzanine enjoys three major advantages: a culture of value creation gained through our experience in private equity; great financing flexibility since we have a substantial fund at our disposal, enabling us to invest in both equity and long-term financing; and, lastly, considerable latitude in our choice of partner banks thanks to our independence.

A family tradition of entrepreneurship and several years' experience working with SMEs on behalf of investment funds have enabled us to refine our knowledge of the industrial fabric in France. We founded Capzanine to offer hybrid long term financing solution to bring the cost of financing below that of traditional private equity investment.

* This example does not reflect the entire portfolio and its performance.

** Exclusively professionals or similar.

It is reminded that any investment in a fund presents a risk of loss of capital.