Capzanine Solutio SLP

Setbacks are a fact of life in business, and they can seriously weaken mid-sized companies and groups. They should be handled without calling into question the expertise or capacity for long-term growth of a company and its teams. In difficult moments like these, it is essential to preserve a company's investment capabilities by finding the most appropriate solutions, whether to avoid a crisis or to rebound after a period of structuring.

Our approach

Financing redeployment plans

The Capzanine Solutio SLP fund supports management teams by providing liquidity and refinancing solutions. Through our diagnosis we seek to develop a shared vision of the rebound strategy to make sure everyone is on the same page. The Capzanine Solutio SLP fund is a transparent and reliable partner, one that generously shares its vision to help build a constructive dialogue and make it possible to complete a transaction quickly.

Flexible means of intervention

To respond to each situation, financing can be delivered in the form of fixed term debt, convertible debt, capital or a combinations of these instruments.

Our team

The experts at Capzanine Situations Spéciales SAS1  bring a unique combination of skills, with over 20 years of experience: 360° diagnosis, managing plans for performance and strategic repositioning, debt structuring, refinancing, balance sheet restructuring, capital investment and executive management of companies.


Emmanuel Bonnaud
Managing Partner

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Emmanuel Bonnaud graduated from Sciences Po. He also holds a MBA of HEC and a Master’s Degree in Law. He has more than 20 years of experience in special situations, gained both at KPMG and Roland Berger where he managed the "Corporate Performance" practice in Paris until 2017.

Benoit Franchet

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Benoit Franchet graduated from Audencia Nantes. After a first experience at BNP Paribas in Tokyo in 2002, he spent 3 years at KPMG Restructuring in Paris. He then spent 11 years in NIBC Bank in London where he managed debt portfolios on European mid-sized companies.

Olivier Elmalek

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Olivier Elmalek graduated from MSG Paris Dauphine. Starting his career with audit firms, he then became a CFO and turned-around a first SME before joining a Special Situations fund. Since 2010, he has taken over and led turnaround of two distressed businesses (operating in construction and retail), where he is a non-executive director and a president, respectively.

1  Capzanine Situations Spéciales SAS has financial investment advisor status (CIF in France, Orias 18001601) and advises the Capzanine Solutio SLP fund, which is managed by the asset management company Atalante.