Capzanine 3
Assistance and automobile insurance
2017 sales €129m
MBO Bis October 2018

Previously part of the RAC group (formerly the British Royal Automobile Club), the company’s name was changed to Opteven in 2011 and it is today recognised as a leading player in the Assistance and Mechanical Breakdown Warranties market in France. The Opteven group is based in Villeurbanne, employs more than 220 people.

  • Chairman: Jean-Matthieu Biseau
  • Nature of the transaction: MBO Bis
  • Date of the investment: April 2014

The Finadvance Fund has held a majority stake in Opteven since 2010 alongside the management team and the Aviva Insurance group. Opteven has seen its turnover double in four years. Underpinned by a BtoB strategy based on long-lasting partnerships with its clients, who include insurers, automotive manufacturers, automotive dealers, credit companies and hire companies, Opteven has gradually made a name for itself on the French market through proven and reliable quality of service. Call centre availability and quick and clear decisions, combined with follow-up of customers, of their satisfaction and of any complaints are at the heart of the Opteven group’s operating strategy.

Capzanine, the new majority shareholder will rely on the current management team led by Jean Matthieu Biseau and on the partnership with Aviva to continue the group’s strong organic growth in its traditional business lines and to increase the pace of its already-initiated expansion into international markets as well as into non-automotive assistance segments. The management team is also considering targeted acquisitions as a further means of growing its geographic reach and penetrating new market segments.


Capzanine 3
Service provider on the industrial property segment
2017 sales €45M
MBO July 2018

Founded in 1978, Questel is a software publisher and consultancy firm specialising in intellectual property, and one of the world’s leading companies on this sector.Questel’s SaaS (software as a Service) solutions and consultancy services cover the entire innovation cycle, from idea to product: competitive and technological intelligence, invention capture, prior-art research, freedom-to-operate, and patent and licence portfolio valuation. Questel  is a French company and also established in Washington, Tokyo and Shanghai. It counts among its 3,000 clients major French and international groups, such as IBM, Michelin, Safran, etc.

  • Implication of Capzanine in 2015
  • Nature of the deal: MBO



Capzanine 3
World leader on GSA sector
2017 sales €83m
Secondary MBO May 2018

The European Cargo Service (ECS) Group was created in 1998, following the merger of several General Service Agents. Since then, the Roissy-based French group has established a major international presence through organic growth and acquisitions. It currently provides services to over 120 airlines in 32 countries, thanks to 54 subsidiaries and around 400 employees worldwide. The acknowledged leader on this sector, the group posted sales of € 414 m in 2012.

  • Chairman: Bertrand Schmoll
  • Type of operation: Secondary MBO 
  • Initial investment date: march 2013

After being backed by the funds Chequers for seven years, the air freight company has joined Alpha, with Capzanine acting as the mezzanine arranger, in partnership with management, led by Managing Director Mr Bertrand Schmoll.
ECS, which was named the best GSA in 2011 and 2012 at the World Air Cargo Awards, wants to continue its international development and focus expansion efforts on emerging markets, such as Asia and Latin America. 

Capzanine 3
French Leader in home services
LBO February 2018

The O2 group is the French leader on the home services market, with three business activities: the home segment, the “kids” segment and the “seniors” segment. The group has a network of 182 agencies and 14 franchises spread across France and caters to 50% of the French population. The group has 8,200 employees (around 7,500 working in private homes, 500 agency supervisors and a staff of 200 at its head office) and has been one of France’s leading job creators over the past few years.

  • Implication of Capzanine in 2015
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
Capzanine 3
The global leader in airport equipment design and distribution
LBO 3 February 2018

Alvest, through its TLD and Sage Parts subsidiaries, is the global leader in airport ground support equipment and replacement parts distribution. The group also manufactures and sells high-tech adhesive solutions through its Adhetec subsidiary, primarily for the aerospace industry. Alvest has 1,500 employees and its own worldwide sales and after-sales service network. The group operates nine plants in the United States, Canada, France and China, which serve customers in over 150 countries.

  • Involvment of Capzanine in 2015
  • Nature of the deal: LBO 3



Capzanine 2
Online travel agency
Secondary LBO February 2018
Founded in 2000, Karavel-Promovacances group has extensive expertise in designing and selling travel packages online, generating nearly €400 million in 2010 revenues. With more than four million visitors per month to its website promovacances.com, the company is the undisputed leader in holidays package. Covering more than 80 destinations, it offers the broadest and most comprehensive selection of holidays on the market at competitive prices. It also sells cruises and tailor-made packages, including flight-only deals, car rental and skiing holidays. 
  • Implication of Capzanine in 2011
  • Nature of the deal: secondary LBO
Capzanine 1
Software edition
2016 sales 
LMBO November 2017

Taliance creates, develops and distributes the first software solution for modelling alternative investment portfolios, combining the flexibility and the security that these specific assets require. Taliance helps GPs, LPs, pension funds, investors or investment managers to optimise the performance of their international alternative investment portfolios in sixteen countries.

Based in Paris, London and New York, Taliance employs 30 staff. Taliance works principally for Generali, Amundi, Aviva Investors, Gecina, Scor, Aberdeen Asset Management, UBS, la Caisse des Dépôts, Placements du Québec and BNP Paribas Real Estate.

  • Nature of the deal: LMBO


Capzanine 3
Agro-food industry equipment
Secondary MBO October 2017
The Bretèche Industrie group specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment and automated lines for the agro-food industry. It is the world’s biggest supplier of dough mixers and one of the major suppliers of equipment to the dairy sector. 
Bretèche also supplies processing equipment to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries (homogenisers, mixers).
  • Implication of Capzanine in 2013
  • Nature of the deal: Secondary MBO
Capzanine 1
Manufacturer of industrial joinery
MBO October 2017

The Grégoire group, founded in the Dordogne in 1961, is one of France's leading manufacturers of industrial joinery for the residential construction market. Specialising initially in the manufacture of wooden joinery (doors and windows) for the region's residential apartment market, it has since diversified in terms of range (French windows, roller shutters, etc.), materials (PVC, aluminium, combined) and customer segment (house builders and individuals), and has gradually extended its reach to cover almost the whole of France. 

  • Implication of Capzanine in 2007
  • Nature of the deal: MBO

Distinguished by its constant pursuit of independence and innovation, the Grégoire group has developed integrated industrial capacity geared to large-scale production of made-to-measure products, principally in order to ensure it possesses the knowhow required for innovation. The management team impressed Capzanine with its ability to expand the company into new segments and position it as a key innovator in its market. 

Capzanine 3
Electronics products and services
July 2017

Founded in 1997, Nexeya is now a group of 1,200 people mainly involved in the defence, aerospace, energy and transport markets. The group designs and supplies critical electronics systems to the system integrators and prime contractors in these industries.

  • Nature of the deal: Secondary P2P/MBO


Capzanine 2
Remote management of sales and customer relations in the field of healthcare
July 2017

Direct Medica is specialised in remote management of sales and customer relations in the field of healthcare. The company has developed solutions for interaction between players in the healthcare sector, such as remote direct sales of medicine to pharmacies, remote training of healthcare professionals, patient monitoring programmes and pharmacovigilance. It assists the major pharmaceutical laboratories, like Pfizer and Astra, in monitoring their portfolios of client pharmacies and in improving the traceability of their specialities. Directmedica provides support for the distribution of medicine.

  • Capzanine's involvement: 2010
  • Nature of the deal: OBO


Capzanine 3
Manufacturer of orthopaedic prosthetics
Unitranche July 2017

Marle International, the European leader in the manufacturing of orthopaedic implants (mainly hips and knees), has experienced a sustained growth over the past ten years. Through a relevant external growth strategy, the group has become one of the only "one- stop-shop" manufacturer in the market (complete production capacity). The group has six production sites in France with approximately 600 employees.

  • Chairman: Antonio Gil
  • Nature of the deal: Unitranche
  • Date of reinvestment: June 2016

The group Marle International, owned by The Carlyle Group since 2009, has been acquired by IK Investment Partners. Capzanine has been selected to arrange a unitranche facility to finance this transaction. IK Investment Partners is willing to support the group in its international growth and its product line expansion. The management, The Carlyle Group and the founder's family remain shareholders of the group.