Capzanine 4 Private Debt
Leading gourmet-burger restaurant chain in Spain
2017 sales €26M
Unitranche June 2018

Founded in 2013 by Andoni Goicoechea, Goiko Grill is the leading gourmet-burger restaurant chain in Spain. Goiko Grill serves its customers with premium burgers, at affordable prices made with local ingredients and served in a warm atmosphere.
In just five years, Goiko Grill has grown rapidly and now operates some 44 restaurants in 8 Spanish cities, being one of the country's leading chains. Goiko Grill is based in Madrid and currently employs more than 500 people.

  • Chairman: Andoni Goicoechea
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
  • Date of investment: June 2018
Capzanine 4 Private Debt
Leader in third-party IT maintenance
2017 sales €81M
Unitranche June 2018

Founded in 1983 and initially focused on IT spare part trading, Evernex has become a global leader in high value IT hardware maintenance, offering quality of service commitments for servers, storage facilities and network infrastructures. The Group employs around 430 people in its 27 branches on all continents and covers 160 countries.

  • Chairman: Stanislas Pilot
  • Nature of the deal: Refinancing
  • Date of investment: June 2018
Capzanine 4 Private Debt
Global financial software provider
2017 sales €62M
Unitranche June 2018

Founded in 2014, Neoxam is specialized in the edition of back, middle and front office software solutions mainly dedicated to major asset managers and investment funds. The group employs around 400 people and has branches in Europe, the USA, Singapore, China, Hong-Kong, Tunisia and South Africa.

  • Chairman: Serge Delpla
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
  • Date of investment: June 2018
Capzanine 4 Flex Equity
Tech provider to financial industry
2017 sales €12 M
LBO June 2018

From its inception in 1998, Horizon has worked with investment banks in the design of its first electronic trading platform. Today, with 90 clients in 26 countries and connectivity to over 70 exchanges, multi award-winning Horizon provides advanced trading technology for investment banks, brokers and hedge funds.

Horizon's trading platform provides immediate access to a comprehensive range of features and the ability to execute sophisticated strategies and workflows through powerful customisation. The company, which employs 100 people, is headquartered in Paris with offices in France and operations worldwide, as well as a strong footprint in the APAC region

  • Chairman: Jean-Marc Delfarguiel
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
  • Date of investment: June 2018
Capzanine 4 Private Debt
Leading international multimedia software house
2017 sales €34 M
Unitranche May 2018

Founded in 1993, Magix provides software for designing, editing, archiving and presenting videos, music, photos, graphics and websites. Its solutions go beyond the PC platform and include seamlessly integrated online and mobile applications as well as cloud services. The company is one of the pioneers in Virtual Reality editing and markets its products to 15 million users in 179 countries across the globe. Via its academy, Magix also offers personalised training courses in Europe.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Magix has internationally diversified operations employing 243 people (mostly engineers) in Germany, the US, Canada, UK and the Netherlands.

  • Chairman: Klaus Schmidt
  • Nature of the deal: Unitranche
  • Date of investment: May 2018


Capzanine 4 Private Debt
Digital platform for real estate intermediation
2017 sales €112 M
Unitranche April 2018

Founded in 2008, I@D is a digital platform for real estate intermediation, which provides trainings and operational support required for the sale of residential properties to a network of independent, self-employed real estate consultants working from home and on the field. I@D has become in 10 years the first French network of real estate intermediaries without brickand-mortar agencies. In 2017, its network of more than 5,500 consultants completed 20,000 transactions.

Located in Lieusaint (France), the Group has developed its activities in Portugal (2015), but also in Spain and Italy at the beginning of 2018.

  • Chairman: Roland Tripard
  • Nature of the deal: Unitranche
  • Date of investment: April 2018


Capzanine 4 Private Debt
International online marketing agency
2017 sales €23 M
Unitranche February 2018

Founded in 2001, Labelium has rapidly established itself as a leading player in the digital marketing sector. In an ever-changing market, the company has become a trusted partner to numerous multinational groups (such as L'Oréal, LVMH, Carrefour, Sephora, SFR and Decathlon), supporting them in the development of their online strategies across all available platforms and media (SEO, SEA, YouTube, social media, RTB, video, etc.).

Labelium, which is headquartered in Paris, currently operates worldwide through 16 offices located in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. It employs some 200 consultants.

  • Chairman: Stéphane Levy
  • Nature of the deal: Unitranche
  • Date of investment: February 2018
Capzanine 4 Flex Equity
Production of technical consumables mainly for the corrugated cardboard industry
2017 sales €22 M
LBO February 2018

EOS Corrugated is one of the world leaders in the production of technical consumables mainly for the corrugated cardboard industry.

Founded in 2013, following Rodicut’s acquisition of Bricq (formerly Voith Paper), EOS Corrugated is one of the world leaders in the production of technical consumables (polyurethane anvil covers, rotatory cutting dies, corrugated belts, and more), mainly for the corrugated cardboard industry. The group, which has 120 staff and a turnover of more than €20m, enjoys international exposure with a presence in over 70 countries.

  • Chairman: Philippe Coste Ramirez
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
  • Date of investment: February 2018
Capzanine 4 Flex Equity
European specialist in the maintenance of electrical and electronic systems for industrial processes
2017 sales €33 M
LBO February 2018

Alphitan is the European specialist in the maintenance of electronic components and motorisation equipments used in industrial processes. Operating in numerous sectors (automobile, food processing, metallurgy, and more), Alphitan has a reputation for technical expertise that has led to its involvement in cutting-edge technologies (robotics, microelectronics and railway) and enabled it to develop close ties with the biggest manufacturers.

Based in Bordeaux, the group which employs 270 people and boasts sales of over €30m, benefits from a strong international presence and in particular an office in China (opened in 2015), a major development for the group given the country’s growth in the field of robotics.

  • Chairmans: Jean-Louis Yang & Jérôme Siat
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
  • Date of investment: February 2018
Capzanine 4 Flex Equity
Smartphone reconditioning pioneer
2017 sales €37 M
Development Capital February 2018

Recommerce Group, a key player in the circular economy and pioneer of smartphone reconditioning, was founded in 2009. It anticipates 30% market growth potential in the coming years, and rapid expansion in 2018 with revenues of over €50m. Operating around the world, Recommerce works with the largest European retailers and with carriers in France, Switzerland and Spain. It has a team of 70 people.

  • Chairman: Pierre-Etienne Roinat
  • Nature of the deal: Development Capital
  • Date of investment: February 2018
Capzanine 4 Private Debt
Spanish leading orthopaedic prostheses and trauma products distributor
2017 sales € 58 M
Unitranche January 2018
Founded in 1988 in Asturias, Spain, MBA is the leading distributor of orthopaedic implants and complementary products in Spain and Portugal under the MBA and Bioser brands. The company differentiates from competition by its wide and innovative range of products, its qualified and specialized sales team, and its surgeons focused strategy. MBA has also the widest capillarity of the market in Iberia and Italy thanks to its network of local offices.
  • CEO: Carlos Marina
  • Nature of the deal: Unitranche
  • Date of investment: January 2018
Italian manufacturer of crackers, biscuits and bread substitutes
2017 sales €36 M
Capzanine 4 Sponsorless January 2018

Monviso is an Italian manufacturer of crackers, bread substitutes and sweet and savory biscuits. The company has 130 employees in 4 facilities in Northern Italy and more than one third of its sales come from exports. The resilience and profitability of the company are based on the strength of the Monviso brand in Northern Italy, positioned at the high-end range for quality-healthy products, its know-how in gluten-free, palm oil-free, lactose free, etc. and its complementarity with Tonon (product, distribution channels, geographies) acquired in 2015.

  • Chairman: Manfredi Cusmano
  • Nature of the deal: mezzanine debt
  • Date of the first investment: January 2018


Capzanine 4 Sponsorless
The worldwide leader in the production of moulds and automated plants for tunnel segments
2017 sales €41 M
MBI October 2017

Founded in 1987 in the Tours region, CBE is a French manufacturer of moulds for the production of tunnel segments, which are pre-cast concrete components vital to the construction of large-diameter water supply and transport tunnels dug by tunnel boring machines. The company has diversified into supplying end-to-end segment and large concrete component pre-cast plants, and into vacuum lifting and handling equipment. The CBE group, which employs 250 people, has a strong international presence, especially in China where the group has been operating since setting up a subsidiary there in 2009.

  • Chairman: Philippe Samama
  • Nature of the deal: MBI
  • Date of the first investment: October 2017