Capzanine finances INTESCIA Group
Capzanine pursues its investments in Tech and acquires a minority stake in INTESCIA Group, a business intelligence software publisher.
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Capzanine finances Ivnosys
Capzanine acquires a minority stake in Ivnosys, SW developer of digital certificates’ centralisation and digital signature platforms.
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Last Transactions
Date of the exit: 2019-02-25
Ftness Clubs
Date of the exit: 2019-02-21
Private higher and technical education groups
Date of the investment: 2019-02-13
Business Intelligence software publisher

  • Elivie acquires Proxilio and SAS Service

    Elivie acquired Proxilio, an actor in respiratory support and infusion-nutrition-insulin and SAS Service, also specialized in respiratory support.

    Questel acquires Multiling

    As part of its strategy to build a one-stop-shop offering, Questel has acquired MultiLing, the global leader in patent translations. Learn more