Capzanine invests in Horizon Software
Capzanine invests in Horizon Software, tech provider to financial industry
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Capzanine's first deal in Germany
Capzanine invests in Magix, a leading international multimedia software house  
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Last Transactions
Date of the investment: 2018-06-05
Tech provider to financial industry
Date of the exit: 2018-05-31
World leader on GSA sector
Date of the investment: 2018-05-23
Leading international multimedia software house

  • Monviso acquires Grissinificio Europa

    Monviso, Italian manufacturer of crackers, biscuits and bread substitutes, complements its product offering with the acquisition of Grissinificio Europa.

    Acteon realized two new external growth operations

    Specialized in dental and medical equipments, Acteon strengthens its expertise with the acquisition of the French company Prodont-Holliger (production of dental instruments) and the Brazilian company Micro-Imagem (radiology specialist).

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