Capzanine 3
French Leader in home services
2016 sales €160M
LBO February 2018

The O2 group is the French leader on the home services market, with three business activities: the home segment, the “kids” segment and the “seniors” segment. The group has a network of 182 agencies and 14 franchises spread across France and caters to 50% of the French population. The group has 8,200 employees (around 7,500 working in private homes, 500 agency supervisors and a staff of 200 at its head office) and has been one of France’s leading job creators over the past few years.

  • Implication of Capzanine in 2015
  • Nature of the deal: LBO
Capzanine 3
The global leader in airport equipment design and distribution
LBO 3 February 2018

Alvest, through its TLD and Sage Parts subsidiaries, is the global leader in airport ground support equipment and replacement parts distribution. The group also manufactures and sells high-tech adhesive solutions through its Adhetec subsidiary, primarily for the aerospace industry. Alvest has 1,500 employees and its own worldwide sales and after-sales service network. The group operates nine plants in the United States, Canada, France and China, which serve customers in over 150 countries.

  • Involvment of Capzanine in 2015
  • Nature of the deal: LBO 3



Capzanine 2
Online travel agency
2016 sales €360m
Secondary LBO February 2018
Founded in 2000, Karavel-Promovacances group has extensive expertise in designing and selling travel packages online, generating nearly €400 million in 2010 revenues. With more than four million visitors per month to its website promovacances.com, the company is the undisputed leader in holidays package. Covering more than 80 destinations, it offers the broadest and most comprehensive selection of holidays on the market at competitive prices. It also sells cruises and tailor-made packages, including flight-only deals, car rental and skiing holidays. 
  • Implication of Capzanine in 2011
  • Nature of the deal: secondary LBO
Capzanine 1
Software edition
2016 sales 
LMBO November 2017

Taliance creates, develops and distributes the first software solution for modelling alternative investment portfolios, combining the flexibility and the security that these specific assets require. Taliance helps GPs, LPs, pension funds, investors or investment managers to optimise the performance of their international alternative investment portfolios in sixteen countries.

Based in Paris, London and New York, Taliance employs 30 staff. Taliance works principally for Generali, Amundi, Aviva Investors, Gecina, Scor, Aberdeen Asset Management, UBS, la Caisse des Dépôts, Placements du Québec and BNP Paribas Real Estate.

  • Nature of the deal: LMBO


Capzanine 3
Electronics products and services
July 2017

Founded in 1997, Nexeya is now a group of 1,200 people mainly involved in the defence, aerospace, energy and transport markets. The group designs and supplies critical electronics systems to the system integrators and prime contractors in these industries.

  • Nature of the deal: Secondary P2P/MBO


Capzanine 2
Remote management of sales and customer relations in the field of healthcare
July 2017

Direct Medica is specialised in remote management of sales and customer relations in the field of healthcare. The company has developed solutions for interaction between players in the healthcare sector, such as remote direct sales of medicine to pharmacies, remote training of healthcare professionals, patient monitoring programmes and pharmacovigilance. It assists the major pharmaceutical laboratories, like Pfizer and Astra, in monitoring their portfolios of client pharmacies and in improving the traceability of their specialities. Directmedica provides support for the distribution of medicine.

  • Capzanine's involvement: 2010
  • Nature of the deal: OBO


Capzanine 3
Manufacturer of orthopaedic prosthetics
Unitranche July 2017

Marle International, the European leader in the manufacturing of orthopaedic implants (mainly hips and knees), has experienced a sustained growth over the past ten years. Through a relevant external growth strategy, the group has become one of the only "one- stop-shop" manufacturer in the market (complete production capacity). The group has six production sites in France with approximately 600 employees.

  • Chairman: Antonio Gil
  • Nature of the deal: Unitranche
  • Date of reinvestment: June 2016

The group Marle International, owned by The Carlyle Group since 2009, has been acquired by IK Investment Partners. Capzanine has been selected to arrange a unitranche facility to finance this transaction. IK Investment Partners is willing to support the group in its international growth and its product line expansion. The management, The Carlyle Group and the founder's family remain shareholders of the group. 

Capzanine 2
Jewellery stores
Secondary LBO June 2017

Founded in 1997 by its current managers, Gilles Bennejean and Pierrick Chatron-Michaud, the Cléor Group is a chain of jewellery shops. The group located in shopping centres in the north of France. The Group is positioned in “bottom-of-the-range” products for customers of all ages, with a product mix focusing on silver-plated costume jewellery.

  • Capzanine's involvement: december 2007
  • Nature of the deal: Secondary LBO


Capzanine 2
Distribution of consumables for café/hotel/restaurant
LBO April 2017

E.CF is the uncontested leader in the distribution of small equipment and non-food consumables to restaurant and hotel professionals in France. E.CF's success relies on its first-class logistics facilities and its network of sales professionals and reputable brands, including Chomette, La Corpo and Santor, enabling it to target the largest possible customer base through three channels: 
direct sales, indirect sales via a network of franchise stores and company-owned stores,  e-commerce via its website.

  • Capzanine's involvement: 2006 and 2011
  • Nature of the deal: LBO


Capzanine 2
Distributor of household aplliances, consumer electronics and kitchen implements
Secondary LBO March 2017

Created in 1987, Groupe Findis is one of the leading French distributors of household appliances, consumer electronics and kitchen implements focusing on local shops. The group operates across the whole of France through the Desamais, ProxiConfort, Blanc-Brun, Cuisine Plaisirs, Extra and Domial chains.

  • Nature of the deal: secondary LBO

In April 2011, Capzanine supported the Activa Capital fund in the acquisition of the Findis group, acting as senior mezzanine arranger. With its partners' support, Findis stepped up its expansion and moved into a new phase of growth, acquiring first the Dubost/Cocélec group (sales: €125m) in 2012, then Ronzier (sales: €18m) and David Ménager (sales: €7m) in 2013, and finally Desamais (sales: €77m) in 2015. As a result of its sustained growth momentum, Findis is now the leading operator in its sector.

In March 2017, Findis was joined by a new majority shareholder, thereby enabling Capzanine to cash out its investment.

Capzanine 2
Childcare articles
MBI December 2016
Created in 1958 by L'Oréal and acquired by Johnson & Johnson in the 1990s, Dodie is the No. 1 of the French childcare articles (feeding bottles, pacifiers, rings, ...) distributed in pharmacies and drugstores with a nearly 60% market share.
  • Nature of the deal: Primary MBI



Capzanine 1
Telecommunication - IT
MBI September 2016

Set up in 1986 by Jean Lacroix, Ercom has over the years developed advanced technology in the field of optimising and securing telecommunications networks. Working in three major markets (simulation, cryptology, defence and security), the company co-ordinates its range of products and services around four core activities: 

  • Simulation: sale of products and services, mainly for manufacturers making parts for the major mobile telephone operators, for testing the network infrastructure in the framework of technological development (2G, 3G etc) 
  • Cryptology: offer of products and solutions for securing data streams, voice and data on different media (PDA, mobile, fax etc) and / or on the networks (fixed, 2G, 3G etc).
  • Defence: making specific communication equipment avaliable to its clients. 
  • Audits and services: this particular activity allows it to develop the three previous activities not only by auditing network and information systems but also by offering consultancy and assistance services. 

Its extensive technological expertise has enabled it to develop special relationships with the state and with the major groups in the telecoms market. 

  • Nature of the deal: MBI